We live in a world where inequalities and poverty are everywhere, in developed as well as in developing regions across the world. While progress has been made in recent years, more than 100 million people are still at risk of poverty or social exclusion in Europe only .

At Institut Vert, we consider poverty to be more than just lack of or limited income. Poverty is about homeless people sleeping on the streets, families evicted because of their incapacity to pay the rent, children who do not get sufficient food and access to proper education; children forced to work at young ages. Poverty is about elderly people who struggle to warm their homes in winter, with limited or no access to proper medical care, living in solitude and sadness. Poverty is about institutionalized children and their right to play, to be happy, to smile. Poverty is about institutionalised elderly people and their right to live a decent life and not to feel a burden to society. Poverty is about justice, is about fulfillment of human rights, is about quality of life and dignity.

We believe there is a way to change this provided we all work together. Each action we take, every day, is a seed we plant to GROW OUR TOMORROW! Each good deed we do is an investment in a happy future for us all.

With the campaigns organised under the “SPREAD SEEDS for GOOD DEEDS” slogan, Institut Vert aims to bring people together to plant seeds for a sustainable and healthy future! Through these campaigns, we want to reach those in need, families, kids, elderly people, people that need our support the most, to help them regain trust in humanity and the joy of living. Each contribution will have a positive impact on their lives! 

 Join us in fulfilling our mission! Let’s all be architects of a sustainable and healthy future! 

Join Institut Vert in this journey, help us SPREAD more SEEDS for GOOD DEEDS!


Backpacks of HOPE

For the upcoming 2021-2022 school year, Institut Vert aims to bring hope in every child's backpack. Join us between 5 June and 1 September 2021 in donating a “Backpack of HOPE” to every kid in need! Together we can help children pursue their dreams!


The Shelter of Hope for Ukrainian Refugees

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has generated a humanitarian crisis that very few believed was still possible in today’s Europe. As we speak, millions of people are being displaced, while hundreds of thousands are trying to flee the country, mostly women with children, while men remain to defend the country.


One kid, one laptop!

Digital education is the base for a future better prepared for hazards and risks and is the alternative for a resilient education system! Help every kid to get proper access to education! Let’s learn the most out of this crisis and accelerate the progress, particularly for the most marginalized children.



For the past 40 years, Earth Day has been celebrated around the world to call attention to some of our most pressing environmental and social problems, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and dwindling natural resources. Institut Vert wants to celebrate Earth’s Day by educating the young generation on green aspects.



Through its activities, Institut Vert aims to promote the Green Movement and to shape
green and sustainable policies at the EU level. However, the content of this website
represents the views of the authors only. Institut Vert is an independent organisation and
it cannot be considered to reflect the views of any EU body or European Green actor,
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