With millions of people on the move, migration has become part of our everyday reality. Therefore, it is both key and challenging to set up policies and laws to ensure that migration takes place with respect to human rights and is unprejudiced and mutually beneficial.

At the international level, political debates and measures on migrants and migration are still contradictory. While some aim at promoting the positive side of the phenomenon, such as their contribution to national prosperity, development and economic welfare, others see it as a threat to national values and, as a consequence, support measures that can hamper the human rights of migrants and their families.

At Institut Vert, we believe that migrants are able to contribute to society only if their rights to a dignified and safe life are respected. The EU has a crucial role to play to ensure an impactful, unbiased and informed response to migration. There is a need for effective policies to enhance the benefits of migration and address the actual challenges that migrants and their host, transit and origin countries are confronted with. At a global scale, Europe should be a leader in setting up a framework for action based on the international human rights tools in order to protect migrants who are vulnerable to abuse, discrimination, exploitation and exclusion throughout the migration process.



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