The COVID crisis has renewed the interest in expanding the international research agenda in health promotion and prevention to include policies and actions on the structural determinants of health, with a Health in All Policies approach. At the EU level, there is a need for structures and guidance across Member States to facilitate policy coordination in an evidence-informed manner.

We already know that human health with the health of animals and of living ecosystems are inextricably intertwined through the ‘One Health’ concept. It’s therefore time for Europe to redefine its priorities and to do more on health promotion, disease prevention, health in all policies, and tackling health inequalities.

Through its policies and actions, Europe should ensure that all its citizens live in a healthy and sustainable environment, no matter their age or the place they live and work. Ensuring the well-being for all means supporting timely access to affordable, high quality healthcare services.

Institut Vert work on health focuses on supporting the development of policies and undertaking activities aimed at ensuring equitable access to innovative and reliable healthcare solutions and services and promoting well-being for all.


Through its activities, Institut Vert aims to promote the Green Movement and to shape
green and sustainable policies at the EU level. However, the content of this website
represents the views of the authors only. Institut Vert is an independent organisation and
it cannot be considered to reflect the views of any EU body or European Green actor,
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