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Institut Vert’s activities are aimed at supporting public health, environment and human rights policies, by promoting sustainable and integrated agriculture, sustainable policies and practices in the areas of climate, energy and development throughout Europe.

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 Team-up with Institut Vert to connect with relevant EU policy and decision makers and become a strong voice in key topics related to the Green movement: climate and environmental protection, public health, migration, gender equality, minority rights and the rights of other categories at risk. Access policy insights, opportunities for training and professional development, and advocacy tools to drive better health, environment and human rights policies at national and European level.

Help us to help others by supporting Institute Vert to undertake charitable activities that will help disadvantaged people or groups at risk

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Join forces with Institut Vert and other members in dedicated networks to share knowledge and train public and private actors in the field of sustainable development, climate and environmental protection, public health and sustainable food and advocate for sustainable policies in this regard. Work together to promote correct access to information and to educate citizens to develop sustainable practices and act responsibly on the social, economic, environmental and cultural determinants of health.

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Promote your activities and priorities. Find new partners through our website, newsletters and other communication channels / media opportunities .

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Attend meetings convened by Institut Vert on key public issues and learn and exchange with experts from all over Europe in the field of public health and sustainability in all the aspects: economic, industrial, environmental, social, and cultural. Enjoy preferential access to top events patronized by Institut Vert.


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Through its activities, Institut Vert aims to promote the Green Movement and to shape
green and sustainable policies at the EU level. However, the content of this website
represents the views of the authors only. Institut Vert is an independent organisation and
it cannot be considered to reflect the views of any EU body or European Green actor,
such as the European Greens or the Green Group in the European Parliament.




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